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Gretsch Catalina Club Drum Kit, for Quick Sale - $360

Hello! I’m selling a lovely sounding Gretsch Catalina Club Drum Kit - reason for quick sale is that I bought it for our West Coast tour and I am going back to the UK and can’t ship it over. I need for the kit to be picked up in San Diego at around 11pm after our last show on Sunday 19th October. I know this is a niche request but I have to fly out the next morning so time is tight! If you buy the kit, I’ll give you a free ticket for you and a friend to come to the show as a thankyou. Spec of the kit is below, any questions please email me and I will reply ASAP. Thankyou!

For Sale - Gretsch Catalina Club Drum Kit in Black Marine Pearl Wrap. $360 o.n.o for all of the below. 22” x 16” Kick, 16” x 16” Floor Tom, 13” x 9” Rack Tom. Includes Pearl Snare Stand, Vintage Slingerland Snare/Rack Stand, Tama Straight Stand, Counterweighted Boom Stand and PDP Drum Throne. All batter heads have been re-skinned with Remo Coated Ambassador heads on the toms and an Evans Emad 2 batter head on the kick - these skins have only been used for 6 shows. In great condition with a few extra holes from where mountings hardware has been removed. Only a few cosmetic scuffs to be expected from a touring kit.

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